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Capacity: 37,914
Location: Elland Road, Leeds LS11 OES

Elland Road has been the home for Leeds since the clubs foundation in 1919. It was a part of Euro 96, the 2015 Rugby World Cup, and has hosted concerts by Queen, U2, and the Kaiser Chiefs among others.

Originally built for Holbeck Rugby Club, it was eventually leased to newly founded Leeds city in 1904 for a whopping £75 a year with an option to buy for £5,000, later reduced to £4,500.

Due to Leeds Citys early success, a 5,000 seater stand was built shortly followed by a 4,000 grandstand. In a post-war scandal involving illegal payments to players the club was expelled from the league. Yorkshire Amateurs became the tenants before selling Elland Road to the new Leeds United for £250.

In 1956, the West Stand and portions of the pitch were destroyed by a blazing fire. All backroom equipment and rooms were also ruined and the roof collapsed into the stand before the fire brigade arrived. The clubs insurance was inadequate to cover the estimated £100,000 replacement. A local appeal was launched where £60,000 was raised and a £180,000 West Stand was completed before the next season with 4,000 capacity.

The council bought the ground for £2.5m in 1982 which included a 125 year lease to the club. 1993 saw the completion of a £5.5m project for a new 17,000 all seater East Stand, the largest cantilever stand in the world at the time.

After a period of financial turmoil in the early 2000s resulted in the stadium being owned by a Carribbean trading company whom it remains in possesssion of today.

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